All Core Society

All Core Society is an organization dedicated to calisthenics and advanced bodyweight training. Great resource for bodyweight training and developing the almighty CORE.

The Underground Strength Gym

If you want straight to the point methods on strength training, mental toughness, and no frills, real life experience from a man who has been under the bar and training athletes for over 20+ years, this is the resource for you. Zach Even-Esh is one of my mentors and also one of the most down-to-earth guys in the strength and conditioning field. I'm priveleged to be in his circle.

The Renegade Barbell Club

Jason Ferruggia is the man when it comes to showing people how to build muscle and get strong as an ox. He's been training athletes and weekend warriors since he was in his teens and is a verifiable cornucopia of information on diet, programming, and all-around becoming a badass. Excellent resource.

Elite FTS

If you've been lifting weights for some time then I'm beyond certain you've run across this company. Elite Fitness Systems' founder, Dave Tate, is the man's man when it comes to powerlifting and strength training equipment. His company has been around forever and has proven time and time again that they are number 1 in the strength game. I have spent plenty of pennies at this place buying equipment and have absolutely no regrets. Great customer service and even better product quality.

Rogue Fitness

Rogue has some of the best equipment on the market and is a company dedicated to making everyone better. Their equipment is top notch and ships super fast. Plus, everything they make is made in the USA by Ohio ironworkers. Support our economical recovery and get some fantastic equipment to boot.

American Parkour

APK is a worldwide organization dedicated to getting people more involved in parkour. If you have any interest in parkour, freerunning, or tricking, check this place out. They have tutorials, workouts of the day, events, and great articles. You'll want to bookmark this.

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