May 1, 2013

I've had the privilege of working with some great clients over the years but things didn't always go as planned.

There were injuries, family commitments, sick children, school, work, vacations, and a plethora of other inconveniences that either put training on hold or just plain got in the way.

One thing that remained constant was their motivation.

What Is Motivation?

Motivation is many things to many people. There's no one word or singular definition to describe it.

Some people are motivated by events. Maybe there's a wedding, or a HS reunion, or the all important beach season is on its way.

Some people are motivated by performance. Perhaps they play college ball, or fight MMA, or just want to kick butt during pick-up games on the weekends.

Then there are the few that I like to call the one-percenters. These are the true journeymen of strength and physical culture. Motivation for them is simple: to become 1% better than they were yesterday. Their drive is internal. They don't need an upcoming event or season to make them set goals. They don't even need to be the best at any given sport to become famous or boast to their friends. All they need is to satisfy that internal desire to become the strongest version of themselves for every single moment of every single day.

This is the category that my clients fall under.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day ...

Nor was any other great civilization for that matter. Every pro athlete started in a pee-wee league and every self-made millionaire started from the bottom to make it to the top. Once you embrace and understand this you'll realize the end goal isn't as important as the steps you take to get there.

Every training session is a learning experience. The more you learn, the more you grow, and the closer you get to achieving greatness. However, the biggest thing to remember is there is NO END. Becoming the strongest version of yourself is a lifelong process. You will make milestones and reach goals along the way (break PRs, lose weight, gain muscle) but once you've surpassed them, more seem to pop up. This is the beauty of training for lift.

So, I urge you all to stop for a second and awaken your inner motivating force. Don't be swayed by other people's opinions, society's points of view, or any other extrinsic factor. Be more for the sake of being more. Become 1% better every training session and every day. You owe it to yourself to find out what you're truly capable of.

Achieve beyond your potential because potential is your status quo.

In Strength,
Franco Crincoli


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