Nov 21, 2012

Another year has gone by and another Thanksgiving has come around. Before you go off and stuff your face with delicious Thanksgiving goodies and become a comatose turkey zombie, do something only the true, dedicated iron addicts would do.

Take the time to get in a quick metabolic workout before the festivities begin so your body will be
craving fuel afterwards. Then you can indulge ... a little.

This is a short and sweet (not easy) complex that you can smash out with just one dumbbell and about 15 minutes:

5 Rounds:

A) 1Arm DB Snatch x 6 reps each arm

Explode from the bottom position using your hips and jump as hard as you can letting the DB pass close in front of your body; catch the DB in an overhead position ... Below is a video of me doing a 1arm barbell snatch into a windmill; watch the form on the snatch and disregard the windmill

B) 1Arm DB Push Press x 6 reps each arm

Start with the lats and core tight and the DB resting on your delt; perform a quarter squat and explode transferring the energy from your legs through to your arm catching the DB in an overhead position; notice the ear near the elbow in the top position

C) Offset DB Reverse Lunge x 6 reps each leg

Start with the DB on the same side as the leg you will be lunging with; while maintaining a proud chest and retracted shoulder blades perform a reverse lunge and return to the starting position

D) 1Arm Offset DB Row x 6 reps each arm

While bracing your core push your hips back into the bottom position of a good morning; keep your shoulder blade pulled back and row with your lat by driving elbow back; don't bounce at the bottom

*Perform each exercise with the right side and then the left side before moving onto the next exercise
*Try not to rest at all between exercises and take about 60-90 seconds rest between rounds
*Don't go too heavy with the weight or you won't make it all the way to the end

After the sweat stops pouring and your heart rate settles down to a somewhat normal pace you'll be more than ready for some holiday eats.

In Strength,
Franco Crincoli


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